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Doctorate Honorary Degree - Dr h.c. or Prof. h.c.

Want to become a doctor or professor without doing your Ph.D.?
On our website we would like to provide information about the titles of honorary doctor and honorary professor and explain to you how you can purchase a doctorate or professorship for yourself or for someone else. There is no need for a lengthy course of studies followed by yet more doctoral studies!
You can buy a doctorate, purchase a professorship and discover other real titles for sale here.
Titles such as the honorary doctorate (Dr. h. c.), honorary professorship (Prof. h. c.), bachelor or master h. c. are only a small extract from our range
of products.
Purchase an honorary doctorate now or discover other titles.
Discover the title that suits you!
Only we provide genuine certificates from the California Church and University Institute with hand-stamped wax seals, QR codes and more! We also gladly accept your business card orders. Other services readily available on request.

More about us

We are a team of innovative visionaries who think outside the box. Our prime objective resides in connecting people. We believe that this connection can best be achieved through the education and appreciation of each individual. For this reason we have made it our business to reward each person with the title (doctorate, professorship, bachelor, master etc.) that they deserve.
Our focus is on awarding honorary doctorates and professorships. We provide interested parties with the chance to request an honorary doctorate or professorship (Dr. h. c. title or Prof. h. c. title) in exchange for a non-recurrent minor donation without follow-up costs. We will then forward your request to the California Church and University Institute. This American ecclesiastical establishment is authorized to award honorary doctorates (doctor h. c.) and honorary professorships (professor h. c.) worldwide. Hence, you are not really buying or purchasing your doctorate. Your donation is merely being used to cover the costs for the application and subsequent awarding of your ecclesiastical honorary title. Of course we greatly appreciate it if your donation is higher or if you donate separately on our website. This is the only way that the California Church and University Institute, the California Church and University Business Academy and the California Church and University Institute Foundation can continue to exist, grow and promote and expand
In that sense, you cannot buy or purchase an ecclesiastical honorary title here; you can merely have us submit the application and enjoy the
subsequent awarding of an honorary title h. c. for yourself or someone else through your donation. We guarantee the issuing and registration of your title,
provided that you donate the respective specified amount. We can warrant this due to our longstanding cooperation with the California Church and
University Institute. Upon receipt of your donation your title(s) will be registered and issued within a few days and subsequently immediately sent to
you. You receive your title(s) with the highest quality execution and highest authenticity, as well as an extensive information attachment complete with a
personalized letter. Generally, you will receive your documents as early as two to three days after the receipt of your payment. You have also always got
the opportunity to award a higher donation to hence further support the work of the church. We are extremely grateful for every donation. Aside from the
minimum donation (price of particular title + potential additional options) there are no further obligations, financial or other. The California Church and University Institute membership is also free and can be cancelled at any time.
Owing to our cooperation with the California Church and University Business Academy we are in a position to also offer titles such as bachelor and master.
We are convinced that these non-trademarked degrees should also be awarded to people who have not got the time to go through a long-winded
course of studies, but who have lived a life deserving of such an award. As a branch of the church we completely trust in the honesty and self-assessment of our members and interested parties in this.


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