Terms of Use

Terms of Use
About the U.S. Church:
On the World Wide Web a lot of conflicting information will cause the leadership of the honorary doctorate to the fact that you are merely insecure. Therefore, we would like to take this uncertainty and bring you close this topic:
To understand:
State and religion are subject to a very strict separation in the United States. The principle of separation results from the first Addition to the U.S. Constitution (adopted on 15.12.1791 as part of the Bill of Rights).
In the U.S. there is a pure belief and no recognition of religious communities, whereas it is the fact that everyone is entitled to set up his own church. State requirements do not exist in this regard.
Since the religious communities are not recognized in the U.S., there are no auditable information in terms of target direction or size of the religious community. In the U.S., free churches are usually set up as non-profit corporations. These churches are therefore detectable only by the founded non-profit Corporation.
This kind of church is the California Church & University Institute, INC (CCU), headquartered in and registration Tallahessee, Florida, United States. In the "Articles of Incorporation" is recorded that the purpose of non-profit Corporation is to pursue a faith community. Thus, the reference to the CCU to the church work is clearly defined and therefore it is possible that the CCU gives church honorary doctorate.
PhD = lengthy studies? Not with us!
Here you have the possibility of being awarded legally by an officially recognized church in the U.S. has an ecclesial Ph.D. (hc).
In the California Church and University Institute is a church organization 's quest for tolerance of each individual and of human solidarity. This legitimate website is the official representation of the CCU in Germany dar. Essentially our focus is to give you doctor and honorary professor title after purchase.
Enter Title - Enter the title
In the course of the Standing Conference of April 2000 although the decision that church items are feasible. It should be noted that it is not about academic degrees in ecclesiastical titles. Purchased academic degrees are not feasible. However, the church officially conferred honorary titles that were acquired through financial assistance lawfully feasible. To this end was adopted in August 2004, the decision of the Bavarian Ministry of Science, which almost fully coincides with the aforementioned resolution of the Standing Conference. From the aforesaid decisions also the conditions for conducting ecclesiastical titles of honor arise. For this purpose, it must be noted that an ecclesiastical title of honor may be officially out, if it is not confused with an academic degree (BGH GA 1966 , 279). Also, the issuing authority and the designation of origin must be recognizable. Therefore, our titles have to be carried out so that no confusion is possible with academic degrees. The following features must be clearly indicated:
1 that it is an ecclesiastical title of honor (hc)
2 which Subject
3 country of origin
A Nostrification (credit or the recognition of school certificates and diplomas that were acquired by a foreign curriculum) is not possible and necessary.
Some reporters of various TV channels (most recently a reporter from ZDF WISO, broadcast on 29.10.2012) have tried to enter our or other honorary doctorate or similar-looking documents at the relevant registration office in the identity card.
In some cases there was lack of decent audit by the registration office actually used to introduce the wrong PhD in the presentation. All reporters have but this of course immediately cleared up and removed the entry again.
For our part, thereof is clearly not recommended, since it is not an academic degree at an ecclesiastical title of honor. Guiding the ecclesiastical title of honor in the BPA could lead to confusion and continue - a criminal offense - due to the still unexplained circumstances.
Make sure in any case, always use the following notation:
Name Surname
Doctor H.C. of metaphysics , CCU Institute (USA)
Doctor H.C. Name first name of metaphysiks, (CCU/USA)
Please shorten the church range from only if definitely no confusion can occur with a domestic or foreign academic title. The responsibility for the lawful carrying the title in each country bears the acquirer.
The honorary title " of divinity " You can not " div " abbreviate as " div " in Germany stands for doctorate carriers that have more than three doctorates (see Doctor multi).
The CCU offers the ecclesiastical title of honor, which are based on purely ecclesiastical aspects and are excluded as such of confusion within the meaning of ยง 132a. The CCU does not fall due to the aforementioned facts under the " Title trade" and you may use the loaned securities then result in the aforementioned manner.
The tracks can be purchased from us. This is possible because we support the church financially.
Note for Customers from Germany:
Leading American ecclesiastical title of honor in public areas is prohibited in Germany .
Not even if some of our competitors, the legal situation in Germany mistakenly describes different; Whether with us - another competitor or acquired, is irrelevant .
Our facility is currently trying to implement a program of study with possible doctoral degree as a conclusion.
If this succeeded , so all of our titles may also be conducted in public world.
Your donation will bring us one step closer!