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Real honorary title / PhD or plagiarism

Did someone give you a title from California Church and University Institute and you want to verify that it is an original?

Or do you just want to find out what your new title can do for you?

We’ve compiled the answers to your questions here.

Use the following features to check to make sure that your new title actually is a genuine document of California Church and University Institute.

Update: free 3D seal to prevent counterfeiting

Effective immediately, any document issued by California Church and University Institute, Inc. will have a tamper-proof, hand-embossed 3D seal created exclusively for us. This seal is 100% free of charge!

Printed CCU Crest

Our CCU crest is laser printed and was designed especially for us. The blue crest looks like two praying hands and has the words “CCU Institute” in a similar blue.


Genuine wax seal

The hand-embossed and forgery-proof wax seal is only available from us and is a less expensive alternative to protect your title.

Since the stamp was made exclusively for us, it is impossible to imitate the wax seal.

QR Code Seal

The QR code allows anyone looking at your title to use their smartphone and a QR reader app to check the authenticity of your new title.