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Honorary member of California Church and University Institute

In addition to the thousands of members of California Church and University Institute, some have made an extra special contribution to our organisation. Even if one can be awarded an honorary doctorate or professorship or because you expect an honorary master’s or bachelor’s so that you can become an honorary pastor, priest, or bishop, these people remain completely “normal” and don’t want to be seen as something special. These people provide a special service to our church, to themselves, and, if you want to see it that way, to the rest of the world. We’d like to tell you more about these people.

Some of the people listed below provide us with books or joyful artwork used at award ceremonies, while others make it their business to propose qualified persons to be awarded honorary titles.

For some, it’s even a part of their portfolio to give us generous monetary donations and donations-in-kind because they appreciate our efforts to establish a humanitarian world order. Others support and promote our social projects by getting actively involved.

Some of our outstanding members have also made it their goal to support our recently established CCU Foundation.

We would like to thank these people formally and have decided to devote a separate page to them and their work because they deserve it.

List of Honorary Members:

* Dr Lukas Kredemeyer

Mr Kredemeyer has been with us since the beginnings, providing support and advice. He advises us on legal issues, clarifies any questions, and always has an open ear for questions from our members. We wish to thank him formally for his service. * Daniel Smith

* Daniel Smith

Mr Smith made extremely generous donations that made it possible for us to establish the church and setting up the sales channels for our honorary doctorates and professorships (at that time, our offer was limited to just these two) as). Without him, thousands of CCU members would not have the titles they earned. For his generosity and his constant faith in the success of the Church and this faith community, we want to thank him at this point sincerely.

* Aleksander Riesel

Mr Riesel was for many years the President of the California Church and University Institute. His signature adorns thousands of honorary doctorates and professorships and honorary master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The same applies to our popular church titles. We thank him for his years of brilliant work in the service of the Church.

* Professor h.c. Jolien Darrel

As the first female member of California Church and University Institute, Ms Darrel has always cared for the development and promotion of the Church. We owe her a lot of our great innovations and ideas such as setting up the sale of doctorates, professorships, and other honorary titles. Ms Darrel was responsible for allowing our customers to buy doctorates, professorships, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Without here, none of these titles would be available for purchase. Without members like here, the church would not have become what it is today: a place for like-minded people where every member receives the utmost care and protection.

* Lawyer Dieter Hehling

The church was first founded. Then countless German, European and American laws needed to be studied and understood. Without Mr Hehling, this certainly would not have been possible. He has been available to provide advice and assistance in terms of the respective legal situations of individual countries. We would like to thank him for his volunteer work and hope to continue having him by our side for years to come.

* Professor Dr h.c. of Transcendental Philosophy Willi Konrad Schäfer Hennings

By providing the book “Handbook on Reincarnation”, Mr. Schäfer Hennings has earned a special spot in the list of our honorary members. We owe him not only the provision of the book, but also the right to publish it on our website. Mr Willi Konrad Schäfer Hennings is naturally one of our esteemed honorary doctors (Dr h.c.) and also an honorary professor (Professor h.c.). We thank him sincerely for his support and creativity.

* Professor Dr Jenna Marks

As a university lecturer in America, Professor Dr Marks has supported with thousands of useful ideas and other information. We owe her the novelty of offering master’s and bachelor’s degrees for sale. Without her help, hundreds of happy graduates would not have earned their honorary master’s or bachelor’s degrees in recent years. Only thanks to Professor Dr Dr Marks are we able to offer Master h.c. and Bachelor h.c. titles for sale. We thank her wholeheartedly for her inventiveness and years of support.