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FAQ - How to buy a title

Frequently asked questions of buying titles

Do I have to register to place an order?

No, you can also place an order as an unregistered user. The strict German data protection regulations apply.


How can I test the ordering process?

The process is transparent. You can test the entire ordering process WITHOUT submitting an order. The “Buy Now” button only appears at the very end of the ordering process. Only by clicking this button will your order be placed. You can also view all information and prices and ask questions online without every placing an order.


What's the safest and fastest way to get the title I ordered?

Delivery is fastest if you pay by PayPal, bank transfer, or by credit card. You also have extensive purchase protection and also save the delivery fee.


What is the difference between your real titles and other, potentially illegal titles?

The titles offered with us are honorary titles from a real, registered, and practising American faith community and its university arm. There are legitimate ecclesiastical honorary titles, not academic titles. Ecclesiastical titles are legal, while academic degrees cannot be purchased.


Can I also give a title as a present?

Yes! Our titles are extremely popular gifts.

In order to have a title issued as a gift, just choose the title, the field, and any additional options and put it in your shopping basket.
At the first question of the checkout process, you will be asked whether the title is to be issued to you or someone else. Choose “For someone else” and enter the full first and last name and the person’s date of birth.
Then just continue through our easy checkout process and complete your order.


Can I order several titles for different people at once?

Yes, you can. Simply add the titles you’ve chosen to your basket and then click “Checkout”. This will take you to the point where you enter the information about the title holder. You can choose to specify a different name and date of birth for each title in your basket. Then you go through the remaining steps of our simple and secure ordering process. This way you can order several titles for friends, relatives, and colleagues all at once.