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Buy purchase Honorary Doctor PhD degree - PhD Doctorate Dr. h.c.

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Buy purchase Honorary Doctor PhD degree - PhD Doctorate Dr. h.c.
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Buy genuine legal honorary doctorate degrees from a reputable source – buy PhD doctorate – purchase PhD doctorate

Doctor h.c. / Dr. h.c. / Become an honorary doctor / Honorary PhD degree

"Dr.” in front of one’s name always draws people’s attention. Do you lack the time and money for a long-winded course of studies? On this site we offer you the chance to easily and simply become an honorary doctor or to give away this great title as a gift.

The doctorate opens up unimaginable possibilities for you. Whether in your professional or private life: you will notice a definite change of your reputation. Purchase your personal Dr. h.c. honorary doctorate now – made out to you or a person of your choice.  

Genuine and legal ecclesiastical honorary titles / degrees in exchange for a small donation to the California Church and University Institute, Inc.

To order or give away one or more title/s, choose the desired title, the desired subject and the desired extra options, place the title/s in your basket and select “Checkout”. Following this, you will be asked during the order process (Right during the first point, “honoree information”) whether the title should be made out to you or to a different person. Please choose “for myself” if the title should be made out to you. If the title should be made out to a different person, please select “for someone else” and provide that person’s full first and last name as well as their date of birth. After this you will go through our simple order process and can complete your order. We will then ship the title to the provided shipping address. This way, you can personally hand over this great gift.

Additional options:

Document-quality wax seal

Only available here and one of a kind – the original wax seal made from document-quality special wax. Hand-embossed and forgery-proof – this makes your title absolutely unique. Get your hands on your one of a kind title provided by the “California Church and University Institute”.

Readily framed

In a frame your new title comes across as authentic and turns into a striking eyecatcher. On top of that, it is no problem to hang it up and turn it into a classy display in your office behind your desk or on any other walls or surfaces. We only use first class frames of premium quality.

Only here: QR code seal for fast verification of your title

Every person who sees your doctoral certificate can determine its legitimacy with their smartphone and a QR reader. Convinces even skeptics of its authenticity.

New and only here: Personalized & unique exclusive QR code

Upon choosing our popular exclusive QR code we create a QR code specifically for you. This QR code is only awarded once and leads to a certification website made exclusively for you which confirms the allocation of your title/s. Deposited on the site is your name and the title you have received from us. This way, each beholder can assure themselves of your title’s authenticity within seconds. Only you and the people viewing your title can gain access to this exclusive site – third parties cannot consult it. Like this, you are always safe but can prove to anyone that you have really achieved and received your title.

Secure across the globe, valid internationally: your title with QR code

Translated certificates

Due to countless inquiries and requests from our users and customers, we have recently added translations for the certificates we offer to our lineup. The certificates, issued -by an American institution-, such as our honorary doctorates, honorary professorships, Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters, are written in American English. For our European customers, we now allow for the certificate to be translated into your language. That way, everyone who sees it will be able to easily and directly recognise for which services and in which areas your honours have been awarded. The following translation options are open to you:

- Simple translation: In addition to your English certificate, you get a second certificate written entirely in your language

- Certified Translation: In addition to your English certificate, you receive an officially authorised certificate, written entirely in German, as well as an official certificate for the translation

- Notarised translation: In addition to your English certificate, you get an authorised certificate from a genuine government accredited notary, written entirely in the your language, as well as a notarised certificate for the translation. We work only with government-accredited and tested lawyers who are official notaries. Your certificate is therefore translated and certified in a way which is fully governmentally accredited. Absolutely unique and valid worldwide.

Business cards

Don’t waste time and order your business cards including your new title/s at the same time as your title. Show which titles you have acquired in the blink of an eye and you will be seen through different eyes. Be it when reserving a room in a hotel, in a fancy restaurant or on board an airplane – the possibilities are endless.

Please note: When ordering business cards, the delivery date is pushed back by about a week because we collaborate with an external business for their production. Should you require an earlier shipping of your title documents, please don’t hesitate to let us know during the order process or separately via e-mail.

Mortar & academic gown (robe)

For full authenticity and an all-inclusive package, we also offer you the exclusive opportunity to order / purchase a real mortar or high-quality academic robes with your certificate. Both items are worn by graduating doctors around the world for their graduation celebrations and other important occasions. Secure your mortar and/or your real academic robe and act like one of thousands of doctors around the world.

Customer reviews:

Author: Zwelonke Amos M. am 23/06/2018
Evaluation:5 of 5 Stars!


this help many people and motivate those who are doing very well in the community and they do better than those who study at the university. Most graduate are not call to those degree they study for but they have it because of money the need. I have more experience now compering honorary doctor PhD and doctor. So the CCU come with the very powerful method and this will help those college who was discriminate before .and will help all people is SOUTH AFRICA to achieve their goals and work hard to the community and churches regards Prof. ZA MAKHATHINI

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