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Doctoral titles on your ID card

Using the title

Our honorary doctorates, honorary professorships, and other titles as well as all h.c. titles must be used in such a way that they cannot be confused with academic degrees. The following must be clearly indicated:

  1. that it is an honorary ecclesiastical title (h.c.)
  2. listing the field in which it was granted,
  3. the country in which it was issued.


Always use the following notation:

Given Name(s) Surname(s), 

Doctor h.c. of metaphysics, CCU Institute (USA)


Doctor h.c. Name Name of Metaphysics, (CCU/USA)


Please shorten the church field only if it can be clearly distinguished from any other domestic or foreign academic title. You are responsible for your use of the title in compliance with local laws.


CCU offers honorary ecclesiastical titles based on purely ecclesiastical aspects and can therefore not be confused with academic degrees. CCU is not involved in “selling titles”. You may only use the titles as awarded (with the “h.c.” attached).

You can purchase or acquire the titles from us. This is possible because we support the church financially with each title sold.

You are responsible for compliance with current legal provisions.

Our organisation is currently trying to set up a course of study leading to a doctorate.

If we are successful, all of our titles will be usable around the world with just the “h.c.” attached, without having to name the field or issuing institution.

Your donation will bring us one step closer to this goal!