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Buying or purchasing honorary doctorates, professorships, and other honorary titles

Universities around the world give honorary doctorates in exchange for research grants or as a thank you for large donations. That’s more or less what we do, too. If you have “earned” it, then you may be awarded an honorary doctoral title. The same procedure is used by universities around the world. For example, the Dalai Lama. He’s earned countless honorary titles.

Of course, the California Church and University Institute, Inc. is not a university like the well-known elite universities Harvard, Yale or Cambridge. The California Church and University Institute, Inc. offers honorary ecclesiastical titles, either Doctor h.c. or Professor h.c.

Since these are based on purely ecclesiastical aspects and are excluded from being confused with academic degrees, California Church and University Institute, Inc. is not involved in “selling titles”. You may only use the titles as awarded (with the “h.c.” attached).

In fact, you are not purchasing a title. You can only use the title if and when it is awarded to you. We will consider you for the title in exchange for a donation.