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Buying a doctoral title? Buying an honorary title? Buying a Dr h.c.? Buying a Ph.D.h.c!

You’ve probably asked yourself if it is possible for someone to buy an academic degrees such as a Ph.D.

The answer is a definite no. You can’t buy doctorates, at least not the academic degree. A doctoral degree can only be earned in Germany through years of study, writing a dissertation, and defending it before the faculty. Only universities and equivalent institutions have the right to grant doctoral degrees.

The situation is completely different with honorary degrees. The ecclesiastical honorary doctorate Dr h.c. (Honoris causa) is also not for sale, but can be awarded to you as an honour by our church. So you can buy your Dr h.c. here, so to speak. You can use your honorary doctorate anywhere in the world. Our articles of incorporation state that our church is a non-profit corporation that was founded to run a religious denomination and, as such, is entitled to award titles. Accordingly, our church meets the requirements of the German Ministry of Education. If you decide to buy a doctoral title from us, you will receive the corresponding award certificate that entitles to use the honorary ecclesiastical doctorate (Dr h.c.) or honorary professorship (Professor h.c.) of CCU. Buying legal titles made easy! How to get a doctorate or professorship without studying.

If you want to buy a title and we choose to award you the honorary doctorate (Dr h.c.) or professorship (Professor h.c.), our church expects that you will be guided in your conduct towards your fellow human beings with a sense of responsibility (both personal and moral). You should also serve as a committed and courageous role model for your fellow human beings. If you can meet these requirements, we will award you an honorary CCU doctorate.

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